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Music, Events, Television.

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Sound of Luxury entertainment

  • Entertainment and event agencies are brought onboard to help nightclubs, luxury hotels and beach resorts around the world providing expertise in the field they know. 
  • There are many entertainment agencies all around the world, but very few can offer expertise having gained experience from being a performer, a venue promoter and an international on camera host. 
  • Even then if they have all areas of experience, do they have the business acumen and strategies to develop and consult venues and companies to improve standards, increase the amount of customers coming through the doors to watch live shows, increase profits, create memorable experiences for customers, devise new “up selling” ideas and ensure that processes can be set in place to ensure that customer experiences are equally as good as the last, every single time?

We, at Sound Of Luxury Entertainment are on a creative quest to provide expertise, knowledge and ideas to create unparalleled customer experiences and outstanding live entertainment to luxury venues, casinos, boutique hotels and resorts and to make venues and live performance events stand out, with a purpose for the venue/client hosting the event, and to make a profit, build a name, attract new customers.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should hire me.

  • # Expertise –I have the skills and expertise that your own staff may lack. Have you been booking live entertainment for a while? Is it attracting customers? Is it increasing profits? If it’s not, then what is going wrong? I can assess why the live entertainment at your venue is not selling out. You may book your entertainment with a well-established entertainment agency, but unless they evaluate your venue, demographic and your business and unless they have vast experience, it can be pointless letting them decide on which live entertainment will suit your venue. Many entertainment agencies can recommend suitable live entertainment to suit your venue and budget, but by hiring Sound Of Luxury entertainment : risks can be reduced because there is less “guess work”. I will make factual assessments, and will work alongside you and your staff, I will evaluate your customers and demographic, your venue and budget and make judgments based on these facts. I will be able to devise a suitable package of entertainment ideas and marketing strategies that will increase foot traffic and revenue in your venue. Don’t guess, don’t leave it to trial and error and then earn a bad reputation for having poor entertainment. Get it right first time : if not, Instagram will kill you.

  • # Identify Issues – Sometimes employees are too close to a problem to recognize them. That’s where a non-biased consultant will come in and assess where processes may be going wrong. I will then be able to provide you with a fresh, objective or viewpoint and strategies that will deliver results and make improvements. I will bring an analytical approach to resolve issues and lead the way forward. These issues may not only surround “live entertainment,” but the issues could be from the moment your customer arrives, to how they obtain their drinks, to the fluidity of the event overall. It’s similar to a “Mystery Shopper” experience, but suited to the world of entertainment and experiences. After initial assessments are made, I will provide you with a proven step by step report of processes to enable success with the project at hand. This methodology will be built and created through their proven experiences, facts and knowledge. I will save you time and energy.

  • # Implement Change – No one likes change, especially not when it makes a person look like they have not been capable of fulfilling their duties. So when a change is needed, I implement changes without worrying about the “corporate culture,” employee morale, or other issues that tend to elicit high emotions. The suggested changes will of course be assessed and vetted by management/owners and the best practices for training and implementation of the new procedures would be put in place.

  • # Teach-  My entertainment consulting includes my specialist skills and knowledge to teach, motivate and develop entertainment strategies, marketing strategies, customer services skills and overall customer experiences. Having been travelling all around the world and worked with all the top actors of the entertainment industry, in Music and in TV : in Hollywoodl Ibiza and Paris :  I will be aware and on trend with developments in the industry, which can be passed on to you and your employees.

  • # Time – Time is always a critical factor. Who in your company has the time to make assessments, gather analytics and implement new developments and strategies? Many senior members of staff already have their days full with important tasks and by implementing another project could be detrimental to daily business functions. I  would be dedicated solely to this project and without interruption will be able to take on the full role of improving and developing the areas required.

  • # To Assist With A Venue Launch – Start off on the right foot. I will not second guess entertainment. I will know what your customers want to experience : together we will perfect strategies and implement procedures across the board that will work for your venue(s).    


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