More than a city guide, a friend

Anybody can write a guide, spend a few days in a city and write an article, but who can really place a call for you to the right person at the right time ? Whom of these journalists or guides have actually lived in the city they describe ? I can find you a jet in London, get you the right realtor in West Hollywood, put you in touch with my favourite night host in Vegas, get you the best table in St Barts.  In the past 24 years, I have been traveling a lot, all around the world.  All the cities above are cities I have lived in or spend a fair amount of time in : I know key people you may need. I know the restaurants, the clubs, the operas, and the secret locations. Do you need an introduction to my network or simply a guide who can take you around when you arrive in the city I am in. I‘d love to guide you.

City guide 1

Paris, France

Paris, France Raphaël Pathé

One night in Paris, the city of light. You'd better do it right. Where to stay, who to hang out with. Where not to go ? Ask me and I will connect you.

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switerland Parc des Granges by Raphaël Pathé

I love GVA, one of the most beautiful swiss city and it's wonderful summer sales. Did I mention the fabulous Parc Des Granges ? 

Gustavia, ST Barts

One of my favourite places in the world : I know everyone there because I am there a lot, I do readings on yachts and beaches and I will soon be hosting nights and events. 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Raphael Pathé

One of Mexico's best kept secret : safe, fun and LGBT friendly. The new Ibiza, with a super exotic feeling. 

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria Raphaël Pathé

The city of cakes, and of decadence. I love Vienna because people are so classy and trendy and cool and unique. I love the honey, this is where I buy my leather gloves and the best schnitzel. Did I mention these wonderful spa I love to relax in. Ask me. 

Strasbourg, France

Have you ever tried the Alsacian food ? And do you really know where to go to shop for the best wine ? Well just ask me, I will help :)

City guide 2

London, UK

London bridge -

More coming soon about my lucky town.

Ibiza, Spain

Raphael Pathé in Ibiza

Ibiza : Yes that's right Ibiza, I love Ibiza and Ibiza loves me

Milan, Italy

Scooter in Milan

I love shopping in Milan, you can meet Zoé my favorite fashion stylist there. 


Amsterdam facade

Oui Madame I love Amsterdam !

Los Angeles, CA

Venice Beach

I spent 5 years in LaLa land, trust me, you need my advice  on how to make the best out of it.