• Tired of paying huge money to entertainment / talent / event agencies for results lacking creativity  ?
  • Desperately looking for that genius idea that could  boost your sales ? 
  • Are you tired of the biased advice of your "in house" artistic director ?
  • Do you need a fresh, objective or viewpoint and strategy that will deliver results and make improvements to your business ?
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  • Do you feel uncertain about the launch of your new venue ? 
  • Seeking THE idea for a re-launch ?
  • Is your "well-established entertainment agency" not  helping you attract new customers nor increase profits ?

Are you  : 

- A luxury venue in Punta De Mita ?

- An upscale casino in Cyprus ?

- A  boutique hotel  in Berlin?

- A Palace in Venice ?

- A nightclub in Ibiza ?

- A new private member club in Paris ?

- A beach club in Dubai ?

We at Sound Of Luxury Entertainment will provide the expertise, knowledge and ideas to create an unparalleled customer experience. : we will help you stand out with  outstanding live entertainment. With a deep understanding of the worldwide entertainment business : we are on trend with developments in the industry, which can be passed on to you and the employees under your command.  Work with us  if you want to create a sensation,  attract customers, build a name and generate profit.

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Are you  :

- An embassy in London ? 

- An art gallery in St Barts ?

- A rich kid in Monaco ?

- A Yacht owner in Portofino ?

I,  Raphaël Pathé, will offer you the expertise of an international performer on stage and backstage, a venue promoter and an international on camera host : entertainment  is a fundamental desire for me : no entertainment agency can beat the passion I put into my work, it's in my blood.

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Television channels, nightclubs, luxury hotels, fashion brands : from Paris to Hollywood, my clients are all around the global.