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35 destinations already,  the magic of electronic music along with a lot of luxury. The perfect sound act for beach clubs, pools and music festivals all around the world. Enjoy the water, liberate your mind with the sound vibrations .Follow the Elk

Raphaël Pathé hosts SoundOfLuxury.TV in Paris


TV stations & Medias around the world have been trusting my ideas and my hosting skills : feature a product or a city the right way : Let me host for your : I can drive a new audience for you.

Raphael The Worlds medium on tour

The Worlds Medium

Dive into the future, hire me for a sensational experience that your guests can never ever forget. Fortune telling & mediumship for the rich and famous brought to your clients. Mesmerise them : psychics are the new djs.

Raphael Pathé singing on the beach in the Touquet Paris Plage in France


A lot of emotion and a synthwave 80's baritone voice type : soft, pop and rock : a melange of original creations and sweet classics along with French melodies. Let my music transport your guests into the magic of genuine live singing.