Raphaël Pathé singing on the beach in France

Singing performances

Music is my oxygen

I discovered dance music as I was turning 3 years old, the first song I danced to was called “Magic Fly” by a band called Space. Any type of music containing electronic sounds would catch my attention.

My great aunt bought me a Technics PCM11 : a dual keyboards electronic organ. This is how I enrolled with a music school and learnt music theory. A few years later, I taught myself how to use music softwares such as ACID, CUBASE, ABLETON LIVE and later : LOGIC.

When I turned 26, a record producer in France approached me : he wanted me to sing a song and release it immediately. I had never taken singing classes : I just could not sing. We tried but I failed at singing the track at the recording studio : I got very upset and decided to start taking singing classes so the next time I would be offered a record deal : I would be able to deliver. I started private classes with Marie France Lahore in Paris, she did teach me how to sing, it took us 2 years but it was wonderful.

Now I can sing and write my own songs and perform perform them.


”The end of a song” is a track I have composed in Ibiza, Spain. The influence is pop rock with an 80’s flavor.  ©️ Raphaël Pathé - All rights reserved.