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Raphael Pathé on TV - Sound of Luxury entertainment.

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Ophelia Dennis, TV Presenter, Psychic Today

Ophelia Dennis, TV Presenter, UK

Psychic Today

I had the pleasure of working as a Presenter on a live broadcast with Psychic Raphael Pathe. He always brought amazing energy and passion to the show and his readings. He has a great warmth and gentleness and as an International psychic, a man of the world, he can relate to people on all levels, from all backgrounds. It was a joy interacting with Raphael on the show and watching the enthusiasm, dedication and focus he brought to every clients reading no matter the complexity of the question or situation. I always looked forward to speaking with Raphael on the show, seeing his warm smile and empathy for all around him. The show is not the same without him!

We dig tv, Emmy award winning show directed by Patrick Toner,  hosted by  Raphaël Pathé

Patrick Toner, London, United Kingdom

Director of Studio Telemetry UK.

Raphael Pathé performed for us as an international host of the Emmy Award winning online TV gameshow entertainment channel, WeDigTV. His talent, energy and enthusiasm for the project made him a joy to work with and added a sense of professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm is an asset to the US Television/ Entertainment industry.