Concept development

Online project creations with

We assist and help you while leading you to online success : You have a fantastic idea and you want to revolutionize the world but you don't know where to get started with ? You have come to the right place : we have 23 years of experience in : 

  • Ideas
  • Concept making
  • Production
  • Launching process 

Following our own creation process, we will guide a team that will create a similar process for you.

Your mission statement

Finding your mission statement : at we can help you to start on the right path.

You have a wonderful idea,  but if you had to describe it in one sentence, what would that sentence be ? We will help you to find the key words and concept you want to express to the world : you can call it branding.

Channel and logo


How to create a good logo that will match your mission statement and values ? 

Creating an online channel is a major part of the development of your online project : if you do this right, you can ensure a very positive outcome to your project. How to design the right videos to catch the right audience ? 

We will guide to through finding the right name, the right logo, the right content with the right team.

Content production

Video content production for your online projects at

We will assist you in creating the perfect content for your channel :

  • Themes
  • Videos
  • Casting
  • On camera hosts
  • Editing

We will pilot your team to lead them to a successful launch using your videos on all your different channels  (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter...)

Concept launch

Online project launch, we will bring excellence at

Everything is ready for you to launch your concept, press play and show it to the world. You are ready to work it. 

It may be the right time to create a facebook live event to launch your idea.

We can help you to do that. Ask us.