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At we discover, explore and connect with people in new cities, spending 3 months or more on location,  we look for key people, great services and exciting locations. This is how we can influence and promote services to our followers and increase your sales . Sharing our experiences and network our followers we can ensure that our viewers will call you, book with you, the will know where to go, because the follow us.

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Travel with Raphael in

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switerland Parc des Granges by Raphaël Pathé

We love GVA, one of the most beautiful Swiss city and its wonderful summer sales. Did we mention the fabulous Parc Des Granges ? 

Gustavia, St-Barts


One of our favorite spots in the world : we know everyone there because we are  there a lot, we do readings on yachts and beaches and will soon be hosting nights and events. 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Raphael Pathé

One of Mexico's best kept secret : safe, fun and LGBTQ. The new Ibiza, with a super exotic feeling, we would love to show you what is going on here. You are going to love it.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria Raphaël Pathé

The city of cakes, and of decadence. We love Vienna because people are so classy and trendy and cool and unique. We love the honey, this is where we buy our leather gloves and the best schnitzels. Did we mention these wonderful spas we love to relax in ?