A fabulous voyage into music and luxury.

Sound Of Luxury TV - Testimonials

Barbara Wellner, Los Angeles, CA


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Raphael Pathé has brilliantly hosted TV shows from several productions including "Le Set" on Pink TV in France. I especially recommend his work on "The Sound Of Luxury TV show" the fabulous voyage of a DJ into music and luxury. The complexity of this work and the ease with which he created and developed it is nothing short of remarkable and indeed it is this same ability that will soon be responsible for his meteoric rise to the top.

Aditionally, Raphaël has extensive training in his craft and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and self improvement. It is this solid educational foundation that makes him such an asset to the industry.

Larry Namer, Los Angeles, CA


Co-Founder of E! Entertainment TV, Now CEO of Metan

Raphael Pathé always comes up with fresh and exciting ideas such as "The Sound Of Luxury TV project" and has a phenomenal ability to adjust his skills to different TV productions on a worldwide scale. Raphael Pathé has an exceptional talent to pitch his new productions to potential TV Networks, he really shines on screen and is a truly of a kind multi-talented artist.